Primitive Technology: $25

Get ready to construct tools and crafts of native peoples found throughout the Americas prior to the arrival of European settlement. Emphasis will be placed on utilizing the natural environment for materials whenever possible. Students will be challenged to use their project on a daily basis or in a simulated situation in order to understand its usefulness and check for authenticity - does it work?

Class discussions will be held on primitive technology and utilizing the environment to answer basic survival needs. Projects include making wood bowls and log canoes using coals from a fire; sewing leather bags with natural cordage which students have collected; crafting knives, awls and fish hooks from local deer bones; creating drums, containers and rattles from whitetail deer rawhide; constructing bows, dream catchers and lacrosse sticks by bending saplings; bolas and tomahawks from rocks; atl-atl spears, arrows, and blow guns from wood; baskets from vine, branches and roots; and garden tools from antlers, shoulder bones, rawhide string and saplings. This is a great class to take with a friend, parent, or grand friend! Those people who enjoy being outside, getting dirty and working with their hands will love this class. Weather permitting, all classes will be held outside.

Students can make crafts like blowguns, pouches, shields, dream catchers, masks, spears, baskets, tomahawks, bone knives, bows and arrows, rattles, moccasins, bolas, and other fun games and crafts (click here for a complete list).

Who: Children 7 years and older, Tell your friends!

Contact John to schedule your own date. See the schedule for current listing of dates.

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Where: John's house click here for directions
What to wear: Several layers of warm winter clothing including a hat, gloves, and warm shoes especially if it snows.
Call in advance to reserve your spot.

Other information: Students will warm up inside John's house when necessary while also having hot drinks and snacks.

Call John to let him know your are coming or for more information at: 410-923-0669 or 410-440-9356.


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