Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Class

Depending on the season, some of the plants we will sample include greenbrier sprouts, wintergreen, chickweed, wild cucumber, wild carrot, partridge berry, blueberry, sassafras tea, cattail roots, pine needle tea, and much more. Identify and learn about healing plants like spaghum moss, and willow. Prepay in full in advance by sending a check to .  Meet at John's House.

Would you like to feel more comfortable in the wild? This one day crash course will cover the four survival areas of shelter, water, fire and food. Students will learn: fire with the primitive bow drill apparatus; how to make an advanced debree hut which will keep you warm in the coldest weather; safe, easy to find water sources; wild edible plants and simple methods to gather and hunt delicious food; and most importantly the proper philosophy and attitude. Stay the night in your debris hut if you wish to test your skill. Please prepay in full to reserve a spot by sending a check to

For those who seriously wish to learn about the tracks and signs left by animals and other creatures common to Central Maryland. You will learn the keys to quickly classifying animals into groups and then species based on track shape, number of toes, direct and indirect register, track patterns, pressure releases and habitat. Plaster castings will be made to record your discoveries. Please prepay in full to reserve a spot by sending a checkto

Learn safe hunting and tracking with John: Where to go, how to get a big buck, field dressing, skinning, butchering and firearm safety.

Bow hunters: archery and safety instructions. How to build a blind, building and locating tree-stands, set-ups, deer behavior, blood trailing, proper clothing and camouflage.


Turkey Hunting: You hunt totally camouflaged starting at dawn. Listen for gobbling at first light. Try to call the turkeys in to 40 yards with the hen call. Call John for one of the most thrilling and challenging hunts.

Goose hunting from boat. Shoot up to 8 resident geese per day. Resident Goose season is the first two weeks in September.

Call John to arrange to go hunting (in season only!)

Turkey Season generally opens the third Saturday in April!

Resident Goose season is the first two weeks in September.

Dove season opens September 1st (unless 1 Sept is a Sunday, then the season opens 2 Sept).

Bow hunting for deer opens September 1st.

Duck season opens for 1 week the second week of October.

Muzzle-loader deer season opens third Thursday in October.

Gun season opens the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Call John for more information, prices, dates, licenses, and hunting laws.

Email John: fishbacknature@verizon.net



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