Fall and Winter Programs
Fall Native America Nature Class These classes have three main parts: Native American craft making; nature study & exploration; awareness exercises and nature games. Ages 7 - 14 are the target group but other ages may join. Students can make crafts like blowguns, pouches, shields, dream catchers, masks, spears, baskets, tomahawks, bone knives, bows and arrows, rattles, moccasins, bolas.

Winter Day Camp. Day camp when schools are out for the Winter break around Christmas and New Years. As a group, campers get to pick the activities and crafts such as paintball, Indian crafts, firemaking, and playing games. The Winter Camp is for boys and girls ages 7 to 14 who want adventure. See the list of crafts and activities. Spend all week or just one day. Check with John on Winter camp sessions after Christmas.


Call John to sign up now or for more information at: 410-440-9356.

Email John: fishbacknature@verizon.net

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